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A brief interview:
What do you love the most in a guy?
His humor.
What do you hate the most in a guy?
A man addicted to drugs or alcohol.
What would be your ideal dinner date?
I would prefer a romantic dinner with my lover on the beach overlooking sea and surrounded by candles and roses.
What is your idea of good entertainment?
A Christmas BBQ party and the exchanging of Christmas gifts with friends. The most important thing is that everyone enjoys it.
What would really make you laugh out loud?
Watching comedy movies.
What would really make you cry?
If I break down in a hair show competition.
What do you consider the most important event in your life so far?
To take good care on my parents.
What is your greatest achievement so far?
To be a Hairstylist
What is your opinion of the modeling industry in Malaysia today?
Professionalism, the ability to hold a pose for a decent, hard work & perseverance. You never try; you will never know the outcome. Beauty fades, but brains last forever.
Why do you deserve to win this competition?
Angels face with devil body shaping & talent.