Do I need to have the looks of a model to become one?
The reason a person may have this question is probably because they think that a model refers to a catwalk model. Therefore, the answer is NO! You don’t have to look like a catwalk model. There are certain criteria to become a model, which depends on the type of model you would like to be. You will be surprised to know that there are thousands of successful models of all shapes and sizes in this world. This is because the modeling field offers a wide range of part time and full time career opportunities.

What should I do if I am pretty interested to be a model or perhaps an actor/actress?
The majority of the people that we help are uncertain if they are pursuing a career in modeling or acting. At Broadwalk, our mission is to help you learn and experience this glamorous industry. Some of you may consider pursuing a full time career in modeling or acting while others will benefit from understanding their individual strength and beauty.

I am not sure whether I should take modeling as a career but I am interested to know more about this industry. Do you have any courses for me?
We have workshops for people who are interested to know more about the industry and would also like to improve their confidence and personal image. In fact, these workshops are extremely important for you to find out whether you are geared for it or not. We normally recommend our students to attend our workshops before committing to the advanced course. Regardless, after our workshops you can be sure to have a better knowledge of how the industry works and have a much better presentation of yourself.  

What makes Broadwalk Modeling Academy different from other training centers?
We offer courses where experienced consultants share their real life experience with our students. You will be learning tricks of the trade, gaining industry knowledge and at the end of our courses, you will be given the opportunity to practice what you have learned.

Do you accept everyone?
No. You will be called for an interview and there are some requirements to fulfil before you can be accepted into the academy. We have to be rather strict on the people we accept because we believe that we would only be successful if your expectation is the same as ours.

Who are normally your students?
They are normally people like you. Mainly students between the age of 16 to 25, and professional group 30 -46 both male and female. Some of them are training to be a professional model while others are taking our course to improve their image, to boost their self-confidence or to succeed in other career paths. Some of them are currently attending school, college and university while others are working full time in other industries. Our course timetables are normally flexible and our students can easily adjust their time to fit in.