I am a hybrid between a Libra and Scorpio and I would be a quarter century young this year. Fav pastime: Pole dancing, Facebook, hanging out with friends, movies, music, basking on the beach, swimming, reading, writing and of course shopping!

A brief interview:
What do you love the most in a guy?
Humor…hahahahahaha. I love to laugh =D
What do you hate the most in a guy?
Self centeredness and overwhelming pride.
What would be your ideal dinner date?
Fresh seafood BBQ by the sea! =D
What is your idea of good entertainment?
Popcorn and movie in the comfort of my home sweet home =)
What would really make you laugh out loud?
Silly surprises. I.e. someone spelling out I Love You using Rubik’s cube wearing a ninja outfit wielding a wooden sword. Lol.
What would really make you cry?
When I lose my loved ones.
What do you consider the most important event in your life so far?
Leaving my house for the first time after suffering depression for a few years and doing things normal people do once again.
What is your greatest achievement so far?
To be recognized, even though by a few, as a model and career woman - despite being very ill since young, and legally blind (on one eye). I’ve managed to stay healthy and above all, beautiful in many people’s eyes.
What is your opinion of the modeling industry in Malaysia today?
Up and coming with many talented faces shining in the market. The various publicized modeling events in the media, such as on TV (reality TV shows), online competitions and live pageants serve as a viable platform for winning models to stand out and go further within the modeling scene in the country.
Why do you deserve to win this competition?
Because it's about time for this industry to have a new face. I want that chance to shine.