Meet me in the forums!
*nudge* Elo people! My name is Mitra(nope I'm not an Indian gal) but often I am referred to as Myth and I will be known by that name as my music career grows. I have never participated in this kinda thing before so it is quite exciting. Besides, who can resist what this competition has to offer? =P What can I honesty is golden =)

A brief interview:
What do you love the most in a guy?
I love the male heart when it searches for power to regain his fallen strength, yearns for exotic adventures together with his beloved and when it is captivated by a woman's beauty.
What do you hate the most in a guy?
Him giving the most epic fail excuse to end a 3 months relationship:
What would be your ideal dinner date?
My ideal dinner date would be a great storyteller, a laughing disease and he has to be not too hairy but yet not too bare pink like some anak patung lar =/
What is your idea of good entertainment?
Group entertainment: Gather as many close friends and go cycling up a monstrous 50 degree hill, then cycle back down with full speed and NO BRAKES! Solo entertainment: Pour minyak angin into the container of fake teeth that belongs to your grandmother.....then wait...
What would really make you laugh out loud?
If I ever come across a guy named
What would really make you cry?
If ever my beloved P3 hamsters die. T_T
What do you consider the most important event in your life so far?
During the very first day, not to mention the very last minute when my band had to perform music for the anniversary event of the LOMO company in a small restaurant. (About 70 pairs of eyeballs watching you close front can really make you go GG!)
What is your greatest achievement so far?
Being able to perform music in a wedding event. People in weddings are potential contacts to build up the network of music. o.<
What is your opinion of the modeling industry in Malaysia today?
As compared to few years back, standards of the modeling industry here today have excelled for being more professional in recruiting only quality models. Although, there are still lots to improve to become parallel to the USA modeling industry.
Why do you deserve to win this competition?
Because I have great willpower to reach my goals. =)