I am a manicurist & part time model...I like singing, drawing, writing, going online, watching movies, playing the piano & of course I love photoshooting ^^

A brief interview:
What do you love the most in a guy?
I prefer to love a caring gentleman.
What do you hate the most in a guy?
I will get myself far from an unfaithful guy.
What would be your ideal dinner date?
I would like to share my joy with my dearest one on a white Christmas night.
What is your idea of good entertainment?
I believe will find my true self when Iím singing.
What would really make you laugh out loud?
Every precious moment when I hang out with my sweet friends.
What would really make you cry?
Love is part of my life, I will be sad if I part with my love.
What do you consider the most important event in your life so far?
A romantic wedding banquet held at island bay.
What is your greatest achievement so far?
Without patience & effort, I did not enquire an education certificate when I was 22.
What is your opinion of the modeling industry in Malaysia today?
It can be good if they select local models for most events. Local models bring out the local taste and personality, better than foreign models.
Why do you deserve to win this competition?
I am quite confident & fearless when Iím facing the camera; the feeling is great because I have found my passion for modeling. And I don't know if I deserve to win or not but I would be really happy if I did so. If I don't its fine because I gain experience & true friendship. ^^