Do you know what's the latest fashion trend?
   No idea
   Sort of
   Are you kidding? My friends tell me I'm their fashion guru!
When you look at models or actors on TV or magazine, would you say to yourself "I can do better than that!"
   Of course not, they are pros!
   At times, if they're really lousy
   I can do SO much better than that!
You have to perform in front of a crowd, and you're standing in the spotlight. How do you feel?
   I'd rather die... HELP!
   Just a little nervous
   Turn up the music baby, let's get this show started!
How comfortable are you in front of a camera?
   No pictures, no pictures!
   A little shy but I guess I can manage a smile
   Cameras were invented to take pictures of ME, start snapping!
Will your family be supportive and cool if you pursued a career in modeling or acting?
   They will disown me
   I hope so
   Yup, they'd totally cool with me being Malaysia's Next Top Model
Do you think style is important?
   Who cares
   Important... I guess
   Without style, life would be so... bland! Style is everything!
What's your preferred media?
   All of the above
Has anyone ever mentioned that you look like a model?
   Yes, only the ones who truly love me
   Every now and then
   Of course! My friends think that I should be on the cover of a magazine!